New York Fashion Week Trends I Can’t Wait to DIY

September has always been my favorite month. Growing up, it meant back-to-school shopping – which admittedly I still do despite being out of school for more than three years. But now, as a self-identified fashion girl, it signals something even more momentous: Fashion Month. Anyone who is anyone shares my opinion knows that fall’s fashion weeks are infinitely better than spring’s, and it’s not just because of the runway looks featured. I mean, who enjoys trekking around NYC in week-old slush while trying to get your street style look photographed? Not that I would actually no, but I digress.

For those of you who aren’t as fashion-obsessed as I am, runway looks are often views as who the eff would wear that in real life?. The answer is (almost) obviously no one – fashion shows are meant to inform and inspire the season’s trends, not be taken literally. And so, I give you my top looks I can’t wait to DIY from NYFW SS 2018 (New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2018 in case you don’t speak fashion).


Fanny pack.

What was once your mom’s embarrassing bag of choice on your family vacations has made it’s way back to the style circuit as seen on both the runway and street style looks.

Marc Jacobs SS18 New York Fashion Week September 201


Why reserve trains for your wedding day? Adding a train-style cape to a dress or top adds just enough drama to get away with acting like a bridezilla for a day.

Sachin & Babi SS18 New York Fashion Week September 2017


Tied waist.

You can tie a shirt around your waist, 90s style, to make an oversized dress more flattering, or you can buy DIY a dress with tied sleeves built in, a la Jason Wu. Now you don’t have to worry about accidentally losing your tied shirt on your commute to work – or at the bar.


Jason Wu SS18 New York Fashion Week September 2017



I’ll definitely be brushing up on my needle-working now that I know this trend is here to stay.


Diane von Furstenberg SS18 New York Fashion Week September 2017



Call it my love of Halloween, but these splatter-paint heels from Calvin Klein that resemble something from a murder scene are to DIY for (sorry).

Calvin Klein SS18 New York Fashion Week September 2017


What inspired you from NYFW this season? Let me know in the comments!


xoxo moll



Sassy Sunhat


Hi guys! Now that August is  over and you can start to smell fall in the air, I’m back from my summer hiatus. I wasn’t planning on taking such a long break from blogging this summer, but as soon as the temperate hit 80 degrees, I had a hard time saying “no” to social events. Maybe I’m inspired by my recent reading of Shonda Rhymes Year of Yes, or maybe I’m just weak. Either way, I’ve really focused spending the past few months on doing less of what I “should” be doing, and more of what I want to be doing. And let me tell you, it was incredibly refreshing. Now that I’m recharged and re-inspired, I’m ready to get back in gear.


Despite all of this “goodbye summer” talk, we still have another month-ish of warm weather. And that means another month of warm weather accessories, like this sassy sunhat. Since I first saw these embodied sun hats on Etsy earlier this year, I knew I had to make one of my own, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to say. After scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, I was inundated with cutesy saying after cutesy saying, and all I could think of was “ugh, no thanks.” And that’s when I had my “ah-ha!” moment. Obviously I needed to create this hat with a snarky saying, and what’s better than one with souther-bell style sass?


You can create this hat with any saying you like, though I recommend picking something short, sweet and of course sassy. Happy DIYing!


You’ll need: 


– floppy sunhat
– sequin ribbon
– chalk
– hot glue gun

  1. Trace your saying on your hat with chalk. While you don’t have to do cursive, it looks more polished and is easier to create.

  3. Start outlining your saying with your hot glue gun and quickly (and carefully) attached the ribbon. Be sure to do it in small sections to avoid having the glue harden before you attach the ribbon. 

  5. Continue until your entire saying is complete.  


And there you go!







XOXO moll


Lace Up Sandals


Is it just me, or does the notion of “lazy days of summer” feel like an inaccurate description of what actually happens between June and August? Between the overwhelming amount of street fests and outdoor concerts, the height of wedding season (ugh), an ever-growing list of rooftop bars needing to be checking off, being lazy doesn’t feel like an option. It actually feels like a luxury. Hence why it’s been almost a month (gasp!) that I’ve updated my blog. But hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder, amirite?


BUT, don’t think that I’ve taken a complete hiatus from DIYing. In fact, sometimes the busiest of times are when I’m pushed to get creative because yes, I’m one of those type-a personalities who thrives under pressure and also happens to feel the need to put together the perfect outfit for, well every time I leave my apartment. Which (finally) brings me to my next DIY. These lace-up sandals, aka a more subtle version of Rihanna’s 2017 Met Gala look, are probably the easiest DIY I’ve posted so far. Seriously, they take less than five minutes, which is approximately 55 less minutes than it took Rihanna to lace up hers.


Happy DIYing!


You’ll need: 
– slingback sandals
– 8 feet of coordinating ribbon, cut in half
    1. Loop one of the ribbons through one of the sandals.
    2. Lace up the sandals  by wrapping the ribbon around your calf in opposite directions.


And you’re done!





xoxo moll

One-Shoulder Top


I don’t know about you, but lately I have been obsessed with shirts. Not regular shirts, but SHIRT shirts. You know what I’m talking about. These are essentially a remix of the classic button down, from puffy sleeves to waist belts to off the shoulder and everything in between – check out my tie sleeve version here. Brands everywhere, from your fast fashion favorites like Zara and H&M to higher end labels like Victoria Beckham and 3.1 Phillip Lim, have designed some version – if not multiple – of this shirt style this season.


Like I said, I can’t seem to get enough of this trend and luckily, I have a stockpile of old button-ups from my grandpa just waiting to be upcycled into something new. Since I’ve already taken a crack at the ever-popular off the shoulder style, I wanted to mix it up with something new and try a one-shoulder version. I used an oversized shirt because I liked the way it draped over the side with no arm. If you want a more polished look, use a more fitting style of shirt.


You’ll need:
– button up shirt
– matching thread
– stick pins
– sewing machine or hand needle
– scissors

  1. Choose which arm you want to be open. Cut off the sleeve on the outside edge of the shoulder seam. 

  3. Pin the opened armhole closed, folding under to make the side of the shirt even from top to bottom.

  5. Sew closed either on a machine or by hand.


Happy DIYing!








xoxo moll

The Environmental Consciousness of DIY



You probably read this title and thought, WTF, I thought this was a fashion blog?, but hear me out!  A lot of people ask me why I DIY, and I can’t deny that what first got me into creating my own clothes in elementary school was that I had a champagne taste on a juice box budget. But since I first fell in love with DIY fashion so many years ago, I’ve discovered other reasons that keep me going.


Today, one of the most important motivations driving my passion is the environment. In our world of dozens upon dozens of fast fashion retailers and a hundred times that of fashion blogs and other inspirations, it’s not only consistently tempting but also incredibly accessible to regularly replenish our wardrobes with pieces that don’t last longer than a few wears. While this might allow for #OOTD posts that never repeat a clothing item, it’s creating an excessive amount of waste.


Most often, we blame plastic grocery bags and styrofoam plates for the overflowing landfills in the United States. But, did you know that clothing accounts for 9 percent of non-recycled waste in the US each year, total over 13 MILLION tons of textiles? That’s nearly 80 pounds per PERSON. I didn’t, until Emma Watson, goddess that she is, shed light to the issue at the 2016 Met Gala when she wore a Calvin Klein gown made almost entirely of recycled plastic bottles.


While I’ve always been inspired to DIY and upcycle my wardrobe (bc I am a fashion hoarder), after learning clothing consumption, especially fast-fashion typically made from synthetic materials, causes nearly 85% of unwanted clothing to end up in landfills, I was even more motivated to continue my passion. Not only does re-making my current wardrobe – and my mom’s “vintage” pieces from the 90s and 00s – expand my closet for minimal cost, but it contributes to less textile waste. Whenever possible, I aim to make my DIYs using pre-used clothing items, whether my own or from a thrift shop.


After Trump announced last week that he will be pulling the United State from the Paris climate accord, now is arguably the most important in history for absolutely everyone to take responsibility in reducing our waste. I realize that brining awareness to the clothing waste issue won’t keep you from shopping Zara’s new arrivals, but I’m hoping it will inspire you to second guess buying your third $12 H&M cropped tank or consider your neighborhood vintage store for a summer dress. Oh, and obviously to take up DIY fashion as a hobby – DUH.


See below for some examples of DIYs I’ve made from “pre-loved” clothes!


Two-toned denim shirt made from two thrifted men’s button ups.


Fringe trim added to an old satin tee.
Skinny jeans get an update with a feather trim around the ankles.


Tie-sleeves add a fashion-forward twist to Grandma Shirley’s old button up.

XOXO moll


Embellished Denim Jacket


Happy June 1! With Memorial Day come and gone, summer is officially (well, not officially officially) here. While we all look forward to days spent in sundresses, crop tops and rompers/romphims, a summer jacket is still a must for breezy summer nights. The denim jacket has been the warm-weather go to, but there’s no denying that it feels a bit done. I mean, take a look around at your next rooftop happy hour and you can almost guarantee to spot one at every table. BUT, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo this classic style for individualism.


Enter embellishments. Adding your own patches to a jacket not only makes it a thousand times easier to spot in a pile at the bar after you and your #squad shed your jackets to hit the dance floor, but it also adds a fashion-girl edge to your favorite summer dress. Challenge yourself to experiment with a variety of patches, pins and letters to make a jacket that truly reflects your personality – obviously went for a message that’s equal parts sassy and flirty.


You’ll need: 
– denim jacket
– patches, pins and any other embellishments you choose
– fabric glue and/or iron


  1. Experiment with your patches to create different layouts on your jacket. Don’t feel limited to the back of the jacket; remember the sleeves and front too!

  3. Depending on what kind of patches you have, adhere to your jacket with either fabric glue or an iron.
And that’s it!





XOXO and see ya l8r, moll


Tie Sleeve Shirt

So I had a slight heart attack this week when I realized that May is basically over. This is one of my favorite months, and not just because of my birthday (reached that quarter century mile maker holla!). May has always had this sort of optimistic, anything is possible feeling. You know that old road trip/life’s journey saying, “getting there is half the fun?” That’s always been how I feel about spring, May in particular, in regards to summer. BUT did you know that a lot of people actually hate spring? I just found out recently! While I disagree entirely with their opinions on the season, it’s hard to argue that a Chicago spring is nearly impossible to forecast, and even harder to dress for.


This is especially challenging if you’re like me and have an affinity for dressing for the calendar, not thermometer. So that’s why I often have to get creative when constructing an outfit. Pieces like this tie sleeve top are ideal for this weather – the look and feel of the top says “springtime cabana lounging” while the longer sleeves give some protection from the ever-present Chicago breeze. It can be paired with both jeans or a skirt, depending on the look you’re going for. I recently wore it to my office party paired with a dark wash skinny jean and chunky nude heels, giving the entire look a fashion-forward yet polished feel.


While it may look complicated, this is actually a fairly simple DIY that requires supplies you probably already have. Any button up shirt will work, but it’s best of it’s a bit fitted in the sleeve to avoid having to cut out extra materials.


Happy DIYing!


You’ll need: 
– button up top
– 2.5 yards of coordinating ribbon
– scissors
– matching thread
– stick pins
– iron
– sewing machine




          1. Try your shirt on. Mark where the edge of your shoulder blades hits the shirt. Starting at that point, cut open the sleeve all the way down to the cuff. Repeat on the other side.


          1.  Depending on the size of your shirt, you may need to cut extra material from the sleeve, rather than just cutting the sleeve open. If the sleeve is really baggy when you try it on, the cut about half an inch at a time from each side of the opening until it’s a bit more snug. Ideally, when the sleeve is fitted to your arm, you want about a three inch opening.


          1. Measure the length of your sleeve and divide by two. Pin one piece of ribbon to both sides of the sleeve on each sleeve at this midpoint. Repeat with the section above and below this middle.


          1. Cut each piece of ribbon in half. Finish the raw seams by ironing a quarter inch seam allowance and then sewing close. This will also attach each piece of ribbon to your sleeve.


        1. Tie each section of ribbon together. Attach in place with either a tack stitch or a dab of fabric glue.







        XOXO moll


        Inspiration: Playful Earrings

        Hey friends! So I’ve got some exciting news. I’m going to start including a different kind of post on the moll mark. Of course I’m still continuing with my DIY tutorial (duh – that’s the whole point of this blog), but I’m also going to start sharing “inspiration” posts. Don’t worry, I don’t mean I’ll be pushing out lovey quotes or cutesy images. I’m going to be sharing more of what excites me to create, whether it’s a cool new street style trend, a fab vintage find or, like this post, projects outside of my how tos I already share here put together – sorry, can’t give you guys all my secrets ;).

        So let’s do this.

        I find that at any given time, I’m focused on one specific statement jewelry category. In college, it was rings, then it was necklaces. Now, it’s earrings. There’s something standout-ish yet classic about a big, colorful pair of earrings, especially when paired with more neutral basics. That’s why I’m so inspired to play around with different colors and materials to see what I can put together, like these tassel and pom pom ones below.

        Bright blue tassel earrings


        Multicolored tassel earrings

        Gold statement earrings

        Pompom drops


        Feather Trim Jeans


        If you’re anything like me, then skinny jeans are a staple in your wardrobe. Despite the fact that flared jeans have made a comeback over the past few seasons, I prefer to stick to my tried and true skinnies. While there’s not much, if anything, that doesn’t go with a pair of these classics, sometimes they can feel a little, well, boring. Now I’m not suggesting that clear-knee mom jeans are the solution, but there is something to be said about having a bit of something extra to your skinnies.


        The feather trim on this pair of jeans revamps them to give an edgier feel, but neutral enough to still go with your favorite tops. I used a sewing machine to make mine, but a good fabric glue will do the job just as well. And you don’t have to limit yourself to black either – experiment with bold colors to make more of a statement!


        You’ll need: 
        – pair of skinny jeans
        – ostrich feather trim
        – tape measurer
        – pins
        – sewing machine & thread OR
        – fabric glue


        1. Measure the circumference of the pant leg. Cut two pieces of the feather trim to fit. 

        3. Pin the trim to the outside of each pant leg. 

        5. Sew the trim to the jeans, or adhere with fabric glue. 

        And voila!










        XOXO moll

        Girlboss Graphic Tee

        Hey guys! It’s been a second or two since I’ve posted, so thanks for being patient. I knew that when I started this blog, it would be a big time commitment, requiring lots of prioritization, planning and goal setting. However, while it’s easy to plan to write every Sunday, complete two projects per week, etc., real life happens and can make the most well-laid plans go awry. Since I’m still playing around with a routine that keeps me on track but allows for flexibility, it can be tempting to get down on myself and become discouraged when I miss a deadline.

        That’s what inspired this DIY project. I needed a reminder that every #girlboss starts somewhere and it doesn’t matter what direction you take, as long as you keep moving forward. While fashion can always serve as a channel of expression, certain pieces are more in your face than others. That’s exactly what I needed from this graphic tee. Sometimes you just gotta let the world know exactly what you’re feeling.

        You’ll need: 
        – White tee shirt
        – Iron on letters (these ones are super affordable but look high-quality with a velvety finish)
        – Iron
        – Tape




          1.  Choose a bada** word or phrase for your shirt. Make sure you purchase enough letters to spell out your words.


          1. Smooth out your shirt and lay on a flat surface. Place a piece a tape right under where you want your bottom row of letters to serve as a placement guide. Spell out your phrase, making sure there is an even amount of space between each letter. Tape in place. (Note you may want to try on your shirt and mark where you want your letters to sit to avoid any awkward placements).


        1. Follow the instructions on the packet to adhere the letters to the shirt.

        What words inspire you when you get stuck in a rut that would make for a killer graphic tee? Let me know in the comments!

        XOXO moll